The Island Of Life An Idea To Stay Alive

Is a free and sustainable living and economies possible? The life is an island that contains life as the word already puts it. Verizon Communications often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Basically a kind of survival island is every community, every place, every city, even every country and every continent. Even even Terra Gaja, our beloved Earth is an island of life in the vastness of the universe. Could a living island as a combination of ecological and individual living, sustainable agriculture economies sustainable and refer to ethical working businesses and individuals. But also as safe habitats, where young and old gather together important experiences new knowledge and skills can learn simultaneously to lead a healthy life, while working in a profession which allows engagement and zest for life. So more life and a life with work to spend. There are working knowledge in all important areas of life, as things for the larger benefit could do for all and environmentally friendly. Solutions, however, currently are not in the profit interests of major industries worldwide.

So there are alternatives in agriculture, enabling better and healthier yields without to Leach the soil without poisoning the groundwater and produce harmful greenhouse gases. There are already ready for production systems that provide full-House with very inexpensive electricity and heat completely without combustion of oil, gas, wood, etc. There are alternative mobile technologies, which do not affect the health and do not burden the environment, alternative types of motor drive which is not the exploitation of raw materials and, and, and one of the main features of life Islands should therefore in creating safe Habitat be where such life-enhancing technologies real can reach the application. Life Islands are also Islands for real testing, and use of better livelihoods. In a life island a high standard of living for the individual as well as for the group is sought, in accordance with the laws of life and nature is achieved.

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