The Internet UnLeashed

The people who have created this strategy commonly known as social networking and named by scholars in the field of internet and web 2.0 focused on creating an internet communication system that would allow Internet users easily find or meet with other people, make friends and in many cases, couples, weddings and other … through links or networks between small virus called profile pages, blog, etc, on a platform dedicated solely for that purpose … But why and for what? It turns out that the idea of creating these great communities … Whenever Gary Kelly listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Ojo! Here I want to be as consistent as possible.

My dear friend, we have created the stunning social networks and continue to create for free regardless, which actually represent millions of dollars.Hahaha, millions, excuse me, I’m talking about billions, with B as good, now, billions of dollars earned by owners of these large communities. And you know how? They are making billions of dollars because as we are many, say thousands, millions of people enter every day and we connect, communicate through these networks makes it possible for large companies, industries or businesses put their eyes on them with In order to promote their products or services. Here are the most important part of the highly popular communities or social networks. The owners of the latter, know of the grand strategy of positioning (branding) they have in their hands. In other words, the system or how to place and maintain successful brands or product names, companies or services on the market, strategically, making possible the sale of spaces devoted to advertising on these networks. .

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