The Individual

Occur and significant impacts on the individual's identity (the perception of oneself) to be modified, because the idea of time and space records. From the standpoint of social psychology in order to study the dialectic between social relations and subjetividada . In these relations between subjectivity and social processes are not made or inferences trade mechanically, or simple, the law of the market operates as a fundamental institution, which regulates exchanges between human beings, competitiveness is installed at most exclusive social value . The most exalted individualism and the significance of the other as a rival to remove or destroy are ideal. With all this there is a movement of social dispersion, alteration in the processes identified fracture UNAA tories and solidarity ties, which form the basis of the subject.

A path is adaptive response that attempts to a Adecuadaa labor and social performance. But this adaptation, rather one of adaptation involves the construction of a Oeyo who may not have a true identity. Today in the institution of work is not just assume work responsibilities, but this extends to the satisfaction and corporate responsibility customer retention and competitiveness of the market, becoming, in fact, every employee in a supervisory agent with psychic impoverishment consiguientea by the deterioration of the symbolism and the fear of job loss. In the industrial age was assessed as a empleoa work and a strong personal commitment in carrying out work activity giving rise to a psychological profile of the saving passion, compulsive tendency to work and compulsive sense of duty.

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