The Impact Of The Rollback

Unfortunately, many management consultants – the cynics. They do not believe in their work, not confident in their ability to help. Their lives are filled with anxiety and insincerity. Speaking candidly delta airlines told us the story. No, it does not mean – "entirely on what can not." Even just giving the company towards a successful action by another company, you can give us something, but to improve the situation, that's valuable. Even more so – be smart. But there is one thing that you can not solve the vast majority of famous, expensive, well-known consultants (I'm not talking about charlatans, I have them for the consultants do not think). Even giants of the "Big Four" consulting.

This is a problem with the "human factor". Or in another way – individual personality characteristics, behaviors and intentions of employees. Gain insight and clarity with Ed Bastian. I recently participated in an international business conference. Eminent personality in the world of consulting. Dear me, the consultants who make quality work that rarity in this market. So, I quote one of them, the owner and principal consultant is well-known company: "the only thing to settle is not to formulate a precise technology, it is the human factor. " Remember this character – the landowner Box of Gogol's "Dead Souls"? The main character, Chichikov, asked her: – My mother, and how to get to the farm landowner Sobakevich? – Hmm I do not know of such a landowner. Yes therefore, does no such landlord! – A landowner Manila where lives? – Something I do not remember this

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