The Greenery Of Ragusa

Ragusa is worth a visit for its monuments, its sea and its wonderful cuisine. But there is something more, what makes this city great, i.e. their nature parks. Sicily is an island, and it is by the sea, or rather of seas. Where you are on the coasts of Sicily are going, you can be sure that you will find a wonderful sea, where you can relax and immerse themselves. And the province of Ragusa is no exception, in the contrary: last year Marina di Ragusa was awarded as the best beach of Italy. For assistance, try visiting Larry Ellison. What else comes to mind when you think about this beautiful region in Italy? Its monuments, perhaps: cities such as Palermo and Catania are known throughout the world for its monuments and buildings, but in all Sicilian cities there to discover treasures and interesting places to visit.

In Ragusa, to make an example, there are many monuments that are part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. And food? In Sicily there is to taste so many typical products and dishes, that you really risked to be thicker after a vacation in this region! Once again the city of Ragusa is an excellent example: many typical products, which you can enjoy in this city, are maintained by the European Union, and Ragusa belonged to the first thirty Italian cities in the table of high-quality food and wine. Some of the specific products of this area, such as honey and chocolate from Modica, are famous all over the world. Sea, art and food… what else? Nature of course! In Sicily, landscapes are great, and there are many parks and natural areas, all of which can certainly satisfy those who love the outdoors.

In Ragusa, there are many green areas, where you can hike, discover new species of plants and animals, or simply relax, and it is also thanks to this areas, which the cities of Sicily and Ragusa in particular by tourists and visitors are very much appreciated. To the parks to enjoy in Ragusa and surroundings, you miss the Giardino Ibleo”(Hyblean garden), the Maquis of the river Irminio nature reserve and the Calaforno forest park. Let’s start with the Hyblean garden, which is one of the four most important gardens of Ragusa. You can enter by a path lined with Palm trees and inside you will find also a monument to the dead of the first world war, San Vincenzo Ferrere Church, San Giacomo Church and the Church of the Capuchins. In the vicinity of the garden, which overlooks the Valley of the river Irminio, there are also the archaeological excavations of Ragusa Ibla. The vegetation of the river Irminio nature reserve was initiated in 1985 around the mouth of the river Irminio and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It has both sandy beaches and cliffs and is home to many species of animals and plants. Finally, the Calaforno forest park, a hill country, which degrades towards the sea and experienced a work of reforestation, a rocky and dry area has transformed into a green area. This article was by Francesca Tessarollo with help from Mediterranean Italy written.

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