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Why Analyze yourself: Who or what determines what you deserve, and what is not: your efforts, parents, society and its absurd stereotypes friends? Sometimes, we accept other people's views as ours – but it is only faith of someone, not more. This is so they think, rather than all the rest; restriction is in their brain, not your, you build your world from their beliefs. By the way, you deserve the best, because you exist! God – an expression of absolute perfection, he has created you and you are perfect in fact, because God does not daub. You do not have to earn on the air that you breathe – you deserve to breathe because you exist. You do not have to earn love.

You deserve love, because you exist. To love means to respect, and respect means to think better about myself. I'm not talking about arrogance and arrogance – fear behind them and I'm talking about this respect and sincere gratitude to yourself. Step 4: If you want to understand, act! I suggest you do this exercise together: What are your beliefs about yourself that stopping you? Your character, your relationships, your body Analyse what you express opinions on all these points about myself and what possible actions Islands are available to improve your mind about yourself. Get all the facts and insights with Gary Kelly, another great source of information. Remember that Once you create your world. Do you still want to follow someone else's views? Step 5: Change your environment. Sometimes, we feel that the world is against us, but going with the flow and not resist, and we feel like victims, and only complain that prevents us feel better and act differently.

What we are going on in our thoughts, our thoughts, we construct our world. Buddha. Nobody is against you, remember that only you can choose, and choose the best. Example 1. The girl that I like, not looking at me. Answer: It is not the only or the last girl on earth. Example 2. If 'other' did not take me, I feel terrible. Answer: Who is this 'other' and why their opinion is so important for you and whether or not it is so important? I find the other 'other', who will appreciate what I am? Example 3. I'm shy and I can not ask for wage increases. Answer: The following approach. 'I hesitate to talk to my boss' (temporary uncertainty). Say, 'I'm shy' is impossible (it's always put the imprint of uncertainty on your personality). Changing the approach that you change your view of the situation. Change the environment – it means looking for new opportunities and choices through a new look at the most you. All what you need is inside you and only you can find such opportunities, when you fall into despair, when you believe in yourself, the choice lies in the fact that you analyze what you have and stop focusing on what you are missing. This position leads to the fact that you feel much better. Your life – it's your beliefs! Koaching life – the mighty tool that enhances your skills in helping you raise your quality of life. Although it is not for everyone because it requires persistence and perseverance on your part.

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