The Factory

The existing alloys in Spain are as follows: Platinum .- 999, 950, 900 and 850 thousandths Gold – 999, 916, 750, 585 and 375 parts Plata .- 999, 925 and 800 ms only the marks that are described are legal effect .- It should be noted that these are the marks of guarantee that must be punched in each piece by a laboratory and not possible punching, are required in labels and tags or guarantee that the mark is placed next the identification of origin. The recording of source identification marks must be registered as a mark of manufacturer or importer brand in Patent and Trademark Office .- .- When a manufacturer produces the goods .- The importer .- When you buy goods in another country other than Spain for sale on the market Spanish. The identification marks of origin are free design but larger than the measures provided for guarantee marks can not be locked in geometric shape and can not be confused with security marks. It uses the same punch for any metal. To know more about this subject visit Larry Ellison. Who does materially punches for marking parts? .- The stamp's mark .- The free manufacturing.

The hallmarks of warranty .- The Factory manufactures National Coin and Stamp .- No person may manufacture freely so the use of a punch does not guarantee who would be empowered administratively classified counterfeiting just as counterfeit money. It is therefore essential to attend to the symbol of the Laboratory. Can you wear a piece other trademarks? Yes, if not of confusion and its size is significantly higher than the marks of points of origin or warranty. Scott Mead will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

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