The Earth

But we who survived the storm of change in Russia, well aware how hard it is at the epicenter of events that breathlessly watching the whole world. Now, however, economic and political earthquake is gaining momentum not only in Russia but throughout the world, and especially in America. Already all feel these tremors, and the earth slowly begins to disperse under their feet. The first tremors of this disaster occurred at the end of 2008, when entered into force on a grand opposition of Saturn to Uranus. It is stable to influence the situation up until April of the coming of 2009, ruthlessly destroying all the old, outmoded, conservative. This opposition is one of the worst in astrology and promises a lot unexpected shocks and disappointments. Uranus – symbol of fractures and permutations of sudden change. In contact with Saturn, representing the resistance, obstacles and contradictions, it often causes unexpected conflicts, crises, intervention in the fate of violent events and enforcement.

We must expect the unexpected ups and downs of stock market indices, exchange rates, prices for oil and gas. Saturn and Uranus creates a very unstable period. They are very similar in appearances, but lead to different results. Uranus creates a desire absolute freedom, and Saturn restricts this need. Unexpected circumstances arise, to which no one is ready. High risk air disasters. Should be wary of hurricanes, typhoons, lightning strikes. May crash with a large number of victims. Saturn and Uranus exacerbate neuro-psychiatric illness.

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