The Door

And before these alleged exclamations of those two imaginary people I should answer them: they do have reason (not that I’m drunk) but yes that my approach is not reasonable. But precisely there where is the substantive issue of teaching that I want to make: the law of attraction is not moved by means of reasoning, but the excitement that comes from having faith; Faith that Dios will meet us our desires, because ultimately we we only have to worry about asking for what you want with emotion and perseverance and God will do the rest, because for everything is easy, there is nothing that is difficult or impossible. Therefore I do not have to walk worrying or thinking about who is going to be willing to pay, and because such figures, simply give it as a real and concrete possibility. Then when I argue the fees charged for those who want to give the Conference in another language, I am not saying that I’m going to give lectures or Yes in another language that is not the Spanish, I’m saying before that possibility, I did all the preventions needed to do so, for when this may occur. Because ultimately, as we believe that it can happen, we are leaving the door open to allow for that you so happens. It’s what I’ve said in these last two items, you have to produce actions with through emotion, setting compounds the bases of our desires as if they were already reached. And with regard to this last, all such specifications I made on how it should be learning another language, are in this development, what would be my third action in line with my goal or goal. That is how much more steps perform in harmony so that goal was realized as we plan, closer we will be to the materialization of the same. .

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