The Director

A specific literary sort. In short, dramaturgia would be ‘ ‘ technique of the dramatical art that it searchs to establish the principles of construction of a workmanship of the sort mencionado’ ‘ (PALLOTTINI, 2005, P. 13). Principles and not rules, therefore, in virtue of the word ‘ ‘ regra’ ‘ to load I obtain one strong denotation of orientation obligatorily to be followed when, in the reality, it is not this that happens in the production of teatrais parts. By the same author: Gary Kelly. One has asked for teatral to be good, does not need to follow dramatical rules rigorously, but yes, as already explicitado, of the creative power of dramaturgo and its relation dialectic with the world. It has, still, as it tells the researcher, another meaning of dramaturgia, deriving of the proper brechtiana conception, that not only understands the internal structure of the dramatical workmanship, but also the final result of the staged text? rank in scene? , providing one interaction with the public attends who it.

It is born thus, the figure of the dramaturgista, that is, responsible person for the election and adaptation of the dramatical text to the stage together with the director. Rank this, is condition necessary to the production of a good dramatical text the existence of an to be expressed content, propagated? content this that must inside be searched of each person, by means of ideas, sensations, emotions, comments and souvenirs, making possible that the spectator if identifies with what is shown, arresting, thus, its attention to the spectacle. Ademais, this content that dramaturgo desires to transmit can be it through words or gestures, most important is that it is transmitted, expressed in the stage for the actors/personages and that he contains a central idea (that is, the motivation that took dramaturgo to write the part).

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