The Degradation Of Employment

DEGRADATION of employment I thought that over time my sentences would be eventually and will grow as the hours of the day. Augusto Ferran. THE DECEPTIONS of the productivity the old notion of labour force is blurring to be replaced by the intelligence of work. There are few new jobs that require strength or endurance and many more which require dose increasing intelligence, even if it is only the elemental establish relationships between stimuli and responses or know distinguish or compare. What we call productivity means many times the replacement of the first by the second form of work.

The problem is that, for now, to higher productivity, more people on the street. Reconvert it will be difficult. Who can believe now in the conversions? Productivity is an idea designed in the interest of organizations, i.e., an ideology. Now everyone knows that the entrepreneur has no mission create jobs, but to accumulate the maximum benefit with the least possible number jobs. Without hesitation clayton morris explained all about the problem. However, continue to impose euphemistic expressions, as employment regulations, which means reducing the staff of a company without greater efforts and that decrease the production. The current development that produces is a more diversified structure of jobs, many of them aside from any organization and even outside the control of the State.

The politicians continue with their promises to create jobs, but what they do is help reduce that there is. It is curious what they call programs in the fight against unemployment is resolved with legal gadgets for adapted forms of work to different types of concealment, or what is the same is wide range of precarious contracts. The landscape favorable for entrepreneurs from the point of view of the flexible framework for hiring is completed blasted in subsidies, tax breaks and subsidies they received from different sources. The number of aid that an entrepreneur can receive when making an engagement is incalculable. Regardless of the social costs that this causes, with this type of measures that are getting is that extends between the business community the idea that any engagement must be necessarily accompanied by a financial subsidy, in such a way that if they do not receive money do not hire. In a short time, by effect of tremendous insecurity existing recruitment and termination of contracts, has been significantly reduced the proportion of workers with permanent contract on the total employed population. Not let be a sarcasm that endemic unemployment uncover the Horn of plenty for the companies. Rarely the Spanish economy has been so protected by the mantle of purple and even less have been the times that a Government has done so much to enrich the rich. And is that, as the poet said: everything that is happening / is what I feared I / and I was figuring. Francisco Arias Solis Si you want peace, work for justice. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal. URL:. internautasporlapaz. org Blogs related Personalized Napkins, Tea Lights and Small Details puntodevista Life Insurance Without an Income puntodevista Spanish word of the day: However the Town Council of ALCALa HENARES leaves escape a manufactures that Los costs: an error of entrepreneurs? ZEN in the Party Animal organization Noize: benefiting animals! Stride: Things Panorama Window Film Gives Small Business Owners the Tools to Chilean artists recorded promotional video for broadcast subject to Minister Hinzpeter called on entrepreneurs to collaborate in the Siemens deleted 4,200 jobs worldwide

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