The Darpe

So, the advanced from 30 m to 170 m, modernly furnished and air-conditioned area is characterized by expansive glass facades and a real tree that will grow and thrive in the middle of the room. In addition, latest media technology, a coffee bar with lounge character and a space for events and training are integrated. Darpe: A better environment for the development of graphics, layout or print materials for successful marketing and media relations can not give it. We are sure that both employees and customers will feel comfortable here.” Going according to plan, will be early 2009 in the glass precursor”creativity and well-being feeling an unbeatable symbiosis enter. Visible symbol for the expansion of the company’s new printing machine is the new printing press, which will start operation in the spring of next year. It aims, with the 17-meter long Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75 still better the increasing To take account of Emotionalization”of marketing materials and competent partner for coating and its application on a wide range of substrates to be. With the printing press gloss or scented varnishes applied in one operation as well as partial or full-surface finishes and at extremely affordable. Very important also: Despite the immense size and power the machine with different environmental certificates is excellent, which has resulted in that she was ranked in the best energy efficiency class.

With 176 years of corporate existence, the Darpe industrial printing GmbH & co. KG is one of the oldest and most traditional printers in the Federal Republic. On the site of Warendorf, the company employs around 40 highly qualified staff provide all services from the areas of layout, printing, finishing, processing and logistics for clients from all over Germany. The Darpe industrial printing GmbH & co. KG places great emphasis on sustainable environmental policy for years and is their social responsibility for the region very aware of Warendorf.

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