The Customer

These new customers of modernity constantly change the reality of the market. According to Prahalad and Ramaswamy (2002, P. 05), ‘ ‘ the customers are a new source of ability for empresa’ ‘. Being this seen ability as all the abilities that the customer brings for the growth of company, is a link of communication between the company and the customer. Kotler (2000) comes to say that satisfaction is the level of feeling of a person resultant of the comparison of a performance (or resulted) of a product in relation to its expectations.

With these customers of profile total differentiated, its satisfaction is not an alternative for the companies and yes an obligation, if thus not to make it the organizations do not survive. Therefore, it must be a daily search so that the more satisfied customers feel each time with the services given for the organizations. Eltz (1994, P. 23) says that ‘ ‘ the success of any business comes of the fact of if satisfying the desires of the consumer, that represent the social and economic base for the existence of any organizao’ ‘. We know well that the more the companies maximize the satisfaction to its customers, increase the profitability of the company. To take care of of correct form all the expectations of the customer, are necessary to perceive which are criteria that the customers evaluate the services of the company. These criteria of evaluation must reflect the factors that determine the satisfaction of the customer or, in other words, the quality of the project and the installment of the service (GIANESI, 1994).

According to Gianesi (1994, P. 82), four factors exist that influence the described expectations of the customer in picture

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