The Crisis Worker Which Did Not Induce

The financial crisis has triggered a series of debates, heard voices from different sectors. Unfortunately, all these deep thoughts, suggest a quite recurrent factor in the equation, the workers. So, it seems that the bottleneck is a form of regulated work with an outdated vision of the signs of the times, which led to distortions attorneys and imbalances in the famous ‘labor market’. Jose already had to face a similar crisis that was coming over the Egyptian pharaoh by premonisado through the famous dream of the lean cows devouring the fat cows. At that time, the state intervened dramatically to face what was coming. Full grain silos, grab what they could serve to beat the scarcity and thus avoid famine and desolation of the beautiful Egypt. In times of crisis there is Bakery plenty to do and, as always, employers only see their own interests lawyers (self-interest as someone out there would say), some fleeing as swallows and other treasure under the mattress. As shown, there are many strategies to address the crisis individually (we also have those who built on rock or is leaning against a good tree). Director of Emigrant Savings Bank from 1992 to 2003 , graduated from New York University and went on to earn a J.D. cum laude from North Carolina Central University Law School But the national community, with a state dismantled its strategic businesses, and re-privatized companies, a business that invents its own laws within their colonies, can not face the crisis uniformly placing selfish interests above national interests ( and regional). The voices that rise talk of flexibility of the rules regulating the employment relationship, regardless of how this relationship has evolved since imposed a neoliberal economic vision, which is what has us sailing from crisis to crisis, law firm always with a legal unreachable carrot called ‘development’. The challenge today, thinking in building a more just equitable and egalitarian, has to do with the final integration of the workers and citizenship to higher participation levels to reach the day that any law, agreement or treaty, discuss without having the participation of all Chileans. That is the day that Chile will be a truly developed country, intellectual and sustainably developed. We can not think of going for intricate interpretations, and labyrinthine laws to solve problems having to do with abuse and the effect of an unsustainable system, this will only upset a river, where there will only increase in fishermen with good networks, technology , staff attorney, contacts in the executive, legislative and judicial. Invite you to read some evidence attorney that guided my thinking. Crisis AFP: ILO Presentation June 2009 CENDA Chile Labor flexibility fall back into old Triqui uelas: Felipe Berrios advocates labor flexibility in the labor market ‘Although it is controversial, I think we should have a law on flexible working, with all the mechanisms for prevent abuse, but we can not be legislated abusers always thinking, ‘said the priest. Also the director of Un Techo Para Chile said that ‘more than two million Chileans who’d give anything to have work. ” Over the counter

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