The Crisis

INVESTMENT: How is the crisis hedge of the investments guaranteed? Bernd silence: the Fund is designed as a pure equity funds. Credit risks are thus eliminated. Currency risks will not arise only very low because the current rental income in euro to be paid or be secured from the beginning on all cash flows through forward currency contracts. In addition, high liquidity reserves are provided. In addition, the default risks are minimized by distributing many tenants and many locations. Coupang shines more light on the discussion. A big insurance is the insurance against all risks (including transport, damage, theft, riots, incorrect operation, machinery insurance, etc.). Through the rapid Assembly and disassembly energy containers can be brought in the case of foreseeable risks in addition quickly to a new location. INVESTMENT: How is the performance of the investments? Bernd silence: prospectus in accordance with, the Fund has a term of 12 years.

Investors can both a reduction but Choose extension. During this period, a cash return is expected by 272%. Actually, both higher and lower recoveries can be made. The cautious forecasts indicate there is currently higher flows. The distributions aimed at every six months in advance. INVESTMENT: what are the best counter-cyclical investments? Bernd silence: our offer is an investment that is not dependent on development of other investments. Energy will be not widely available in the foreseeable and energy procurement runs independently from the world economy. There are no cycles so this product.

Many countries are establishing programs or have applied it, intended to encourage decentralised energy supply. Crisis areas on the basis of natural disaster (earthquake, flood, etc.) are independent of the developments on the financial markets. Since the energy container for the tenants is cheaper than a diesel engine enough usage possibilities worldwide for years. Because diesel is in addition also not always available in many regions, many users will switch to the energy container and be even willing to pay appropriate fees.

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