The Creator

Because on this your life depends and the prolongation of yours dias' ' Dt 30,15-19. It comes of the Creator the way to treat free beings: considering, not imposing. It fits to the free being, using affective intuition and intelligence, to decide which proposal better agrees to it. The Creator knows the creatures, knows of that they are made, ' ' that they are dust, fragility, meat, but bring in itself the light of the discernment that is faith. It fits us to live for the meat, opting to the fragility and to assume our bad end, the death, or according to inspiration of perpetual present Ruah in ours dons ab. It is in our hands to choose to live in one or another way. To choose and to assume the choice, without blaming God for failure.

The possibility of choice between two ways is test that the Creator takes serious our freedom. But also it leaves clearly that we are responsible for the consequences of our choices, maken a mistake or sensible. ' ' If you hear the orders of Jav your God who I command today you loving it of all your heart, with all your forces, of all your soul, walking in its ways you will live and you will be multiplied. However, if your heart if to deviate and not to hear, and to leave themselves to seduce, you prostrares ahead of others deuses to serve and, I declare them you today: you will perish, without a doubt. You choose, therefore, the life, pra that alive, and your descent, loving Jav your God, obeying its voice and becoming attached it. Because on this the prolongation of your days depends and yours vida’ ‘ everything for we, in the joy and pain, but is clearly: ' ' In the world you will have tribulaes. If I was not thus you I would have said.

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