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This everything is part of the external politics of the Country and calls the attention the too much countries. According to Art. 4 of the Federal Constitution, exists rules for the question of the international relationship of Brazil and in comparison what it is visualized in the world it is noticed that the Country is not fit in the realistic theory, therefore can be analyzed three topics: repudiation to terrorism, defense of the peace, pacific solution of the conflicts, this last one differs from many characteristics of the realism, where the focus is treated to attract ' ' war of all against todos' '. Constitutionally, Brazil nor if presents nor can adopt a realistic perspective for its international relations. It does not make feeling a Country that conducts ' ' Not Interveno' ' to want to enter into an alliance itself with the countries that want to intervine in the Lybian, for example.

However, in relation to this subject, Dilma Rousseff fire with a pacific solution requested the Lybian ceasing, promoting always the peace. The Country always goes to present itself impartial in relation to this type of subject, not to have threats and to guarantee partnerships and always will be in favor of its Constitution. Beyond all these factors, the Country is not presented equipped to support an idea of ' ' guerra' '. It is necessary to have able military and equipment of which the great world-wide powers already have control and full domain. He is not viable for Brazil, as a Developing country, if to locate in realistic way in relation to other countries, therefore it can need the support and investment of such. Being impartial it and searching the solution pacific of the conflicts perhaps does not please to all, but he will not gain a possible threat. Renata Fernandes Ramalho – requested Article for the professor Andres Regis – Topical in Public Administration. Federal university of Pernambuco

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