The Cost And Scope of Poor Quality

It gives us than the cost of non-quality, it is also known as the price of non-compliance or the cost of doing things wrong or incorrectly. Concept, scope, basic considerations defined you as those outlays caused by inefficiencies or failures, which are avoidable, as for example: reprocessing, waste, returns, repairs, replacements, expenses for attention to complaints and demands of guarantees, among others. On the other hand, others include both under the concept of quality cost. Read more here: Larry Ellison. reminds us that the cost of non-quality can mean around 20 to 25% of the invoiced total values. Definitely these costs vary in each organization, however efforts must be routed to initiate processes to prevent them since your identification to be presented to management committees will be surprised by its figures and projections and this alarm will be the driving force towards change processes in a new orientation towards service to the customer. _Philip B. According to Phil Vasan, who has experience with these questions. Crosby, considered that they amounted to 35% of the operating costs of service companies.

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