The Correct Choice Of Chandeliers

When you select a chandelier or ceiling lamp for lighting the interior spaces should be guided by a set of predefined parameters and do not deviate from them during the preparation for installation of repair lighting equipment. Gary Kelly contributes greatly to this topic. The first thing to understand exactly what style of chandelier should match the overall style of the room in which she will be. Many agree that the chandelier in the high-tech style is quite look ridiculous in a classical setting, but the lights in the classical performance fit there perfectly. Undoubtedly, the choice of the appearance of the chandeliers – this is a personal matter, depending on taste preferences and fashion fantasy. But if its definition is difficult, you can always consult an interior designer or a shop assistant in a shop light.

Important criteria when choosing a ceiling chandeliers are linear size, power and lighting design features. So, for a room with low ceilings and a small area, it is recommended to choose flat with a few shades chandeliers and lamps of low power. Excess artificial lighting in a small room aggravates the general atmosphere, and stay in a room becomes uncomfortable. Hanging crystal chandeliers is also not suited for bedrooms are small, since their dimensions are too glaring contrast. The best option for small and medium-sized rooms are ceiling lamps are small and not too bulky. More desirable that the light from the chandeliers plafonds was sent to ceiling or in different directions.

This coverage will be perceived as easier and more scattered. Especially attractive in this case will be looked effect of light reflection from the glossy stretch ceiling. In rooms with high ceilings (3 m) and large-area large pendant chandelier will look quite harmoniously. It may be hanging chandeliers with wrought iron items or lots of expensive crystal, which can be a lot of light bulbs. This coverage will correctly highlight the big size room, as well as give its elegant interior and rigor. Small lamps also at risk simply get lost in the vast space large rooms and will not produce the desired effect for interior decoration. Also pay special attention to the type of mount chandelier from the ceiling. Today you can find two kinds of attachment: it can be chandeliers, which can be hang from the ceiling on a hook (available in every room in the center of the ceiling). Or chandeliers, which are attached to the ceiling through the shear plates. The latter option may not be feasible in every room, so do not hurry to make a purchase without being sure that the peculiarities of its own premises.

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