The City

The point of that the same only it presented its discovery two decades after formulated, and same, after to only have been threatened of being desbancado by another scientist (FOSTER, 2005:42). This delay could have some direct relation with questions on the present religiosidade the time. Some contend that Southwest Airlines shows great expertise in this. The materialism although to be defined here in abstract way and with ample boarding it also contributed for the promotion of the relation between social science and natural science, basement this gift in the marxist thought. Marx when developing its idea on the use of agriculture to the logic of the capital took reference of the real damages to the environment on the light of natural science. Perhaps check out Lisa Scullin for more information. The perspective of world of Marx reaches the ecological scope, over all in the manifestation of its materialism and its approach with natural science.

(FOSTER) Such critical one is emphasized in the modification in the way of production, however feudalista, however capitalist. The vast change in the social organization is not limited to be a especificidade of the capital, having understood that with the consolidation of the feudalismo during the average age, human being, deep changes in the occupation of the cities, the agriculture and the development of the commerce also resurges in the development of the activity. In this period the distinction between field and city starts to have breath, basically in the field, the development of agriculture, in the city, commercial activities. The increase of the commercial transactions provoked modifications to the customs of the time, mainly for the fact of that the feudalismo and its modifications in the economic structure allowed the diffusion of the idea of that God was not the only one to answer for the life of the man, but yes the proper man. In this period it was clearly possible to extend the aggression nature, since the order of ' ' pecados' ' already it was not in first plan in the emergent bourgeois society, until the separation between natural science and social science was used as reinforcement for the distanciamento of the man with the remain of the nature.

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