The Choice

The exhibition provides an excellent opportunity to study the work of competitors. Obyazhite booth personnel familiar with the stands of other companies, let them celebrate the good and not so moves rivals on the market: both are designed to stands, as they attract visitors, what stocks to hold. By the way, even if your company is not involved in a particular exhibition, nobody stops you to visit her for this purpose. It is also worth considering that the exhibitions have the opportunity to not only find new customers, but also to acquire new partners. Preparing for the exhibition is clear that in general the choice of exhibitions should be guided by the most efficient rule. Relate the general objectives of the company and overall objective of the proposed exhibition and select those which will participate in the company the most good. Participation in the exhibition is divided into three phases: preparation, proper conduct, conclusions. To participate in the exhibition You need to: identify specific and measurable goals develop and approve a budget select a location of the stand (interestingly, the best place to stand is not in front of the pavilion, and one of the corners – it is there cross two streams of Visitors) prepare all the necessary equipment for stand decoration prepare all the necessary printed materials and souvenirs (and sure to print and immediately bring to show enough of!) to develop a full program participation into account and important technical points.

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