The Cartomancy With The Tarot Cards

The Tarot and its diverse interpretations. Cartomancy has charged people before several hundred years into his spell. Already in the early Middle Ages, there were people who had given other people a glimpse into the future through Tarot cards. However you often ran risk at this time as “Witch” to be denounced and therefore the Tarot was a rather dangerous proposition. At the present time, the Tarot Cartomancy is of course easily and widely used on all continents. Although the Cartomancy is becoming increasingly popular, must be mentioned but at this point, that only very few people dominate the divination of maps. Although there are many who claim that they can tell the future ahead through Tarot, however these are often hide behind statements that leaves open a wide variety of interpretations.

Therefore you should consult exactly by whom you perform the divination can be. Professional fortune tellers can create more cards and primarily use Tarot Cards. How does Tarot work generally? Now there are many tricks and things that you should be aware of, but almost everything in the way is based, how you interpret the cards. For assistance, try visiting Ripple. A way of interpretation is based only on the colors of the cards. In the Tarot, that consists of a total of 78 cards, a corresponding element is given every color, which makes the Tarot for the less experienced not quite that simple. An other way is the interpretation of the numbers.

Each number has a distinct meaning in the Tarot, and it is very difficult to know all of these meanings, and especially to interpret. The 40 pips be considered but generally not individually, but it is evaluated the combination of the values with the corresponding colors. Each numeral card has a special value, and thus a meaning in the Tarot. It is noted that an ACE at the Tarot always the number one is assigned to. One is in the fortune-telling Tarot for the Crown symbol”and depending on the constellation of the cards, there are other interpretations of this Map. So it can have, for example, the importance that the dream of a House from someone, is close and in other cases is the map for an undifferentiated potential. The Tarot reader has not much significance, so the meaning of each card, but is located only by combining it with the other cards, meaningful in the vicinity. This applies however to note that there are different types of interpretation in the Tarot and thus it may be that anyone who has the experience in the clairvoyance, interpreted the cards differently. “The system known today in the interpretation of Tarot cards is called Kabbalah”. If you are interested in Tarot, you should start with this system because this is most widely known. Also there are still modified versions of Tarot in the Tarot, such as the laying of cross system or the simplified form of the 3 maps”, actually only 3 cards used in the, to give a glimpse into the future. 40 number cards have the largest meaning if Tarot Tarot reader and Therefore, the meaning and interpretation of these cards first should be learned. It takes time, until you really know what the individual cards mean and how the meaning changes in combination with other Tarot cards. Marlis Brantner

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