The Bottles

My proposal as ambient manager and dedicated person with the ambient causes goes beyond, therefore I have in mind that never we would reach the total of one hundred percent of the produced garbage, destined the proper places to be recycled, this would leave an edge so that still it is continued the garbage appearance in the rivers. Thinking about this I present my solution as form to give my personal contribution for the planet, we would start for the bottles pet and cans of cooling beers and later with one little more than time and study we could make the adequacy, and expand for almost all the manufactured packings. Then, the idea is simple and pparently functional, all the containers as pets and cans in generalities, would have that to be modified in its manufacture, where it would start to have deep a false one forming an internal air stock market, that will make with that this container when played in the water ' ' flutue' ' , thus to catch it and removes it of the water course, would be simple task for any agency that works in this branch, small objects as, for example, a shaver, could be confectioned from floating substances, that in turn also its collection when deposited in the water facilitates. It thinks about this!. See Larry Ellison for more details and insights.

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