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All know that the online music services iTunes or are or are illegal. … marketing of CD, has some online music store, and …
Shawn Fanning along with two friends I met online, Jordan Ritter, his friend from Boston, and Sean Parker, of Virginia, created the first Napster in June 1999. Fanning wanted an easier method to find music, instead of looking on IRC or Lycos. John Fanning, uncle of Shawn in Hull, Massachusetts, is responsible for all operations of the company during the period that had its office in Nantasket Beach. The final agreement gave Shawn control over 30 of the company, the rest going to his uncle. It was the first of distribution systems peer-to-peer massively popular, but was not fully peer-to-peer since it used central servers to maintain a list of all connected systems and files that were distributed, while the transactions were done between machines. Although there were several networks that facilitate the distribution of files over the internet as IRC, Hotline, and USENET, Napster specialized directly in the form of music in MP3, presented through a user-friendly interface. The result was a rating system which generates an enormous selection of music to download.
Although the recording industry claim to “share” music as the equivalent of theft, many Napster users felt justified in using the service for several reasons. Many believed that the quality of the new album had declined in the late 90’s, with typical success in album sales by just one or two songs, including songs “filling” of lower quality. At the same time, the cost of the CD in general had fallen greatly, but the price of CD albums were held constant. People praised Napster because it enabled them to successfully get free songs without having to buy an entire album. Napster also made relatively easy for music enthusiasts to download copies of the songs that would otherwise be difficult to obtain, as old songs, without distributing recordings, songs and concerts smuggling. Some users felt justified in downloading digital copies of recordings that had already bought into other formats, such as LPs and cassette, the CD before it emerged as the dominant format for music distribution.
Without taking into account these reasons, some others simply enjoyed the sharing and downloading music for free. Being files obtained through Napster, people frequently for their own compilation albums on recordable CDs, without paying at all to the artist / composer. High-speed networks in college dormitories are overcrowded, with around 80 of the traffic outside of the transfer of MP3 files. Some universities use blocked for this reason, even before you have problems with the facilitation of copyright violations on campus.
The service program and were initially only for Windows, but in 2000 Black Hole Media Macster make a client call. Macster Napster was subsequently purchased by the designated official Mac client, at which point the name “Macster” is discontinuous. Buy online music new releases and popular titles from their favorite artists

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