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Only by the company of Rahul biographies certified authors may carry this name. The Berlin company Rahul is the first company specialized in writing autobiographies, corporate and family stories nationwide biographies. Rohnstock has also developed the training to the Autobiografiker biographies. Looking back in the past kept experienced for the future from the oral narratives or existing manuscripts the Autobiografiker texts in the I-form write so, as the Narrator would have written his own autobiography. The autobiography is the collected and compressed memory of a people. The narrative sets the standard for the Autobiografiker. His views on the truth is because it is his life and his personal experience, which is to be distributed.

From the memory to the book what should you keep in mind the Autobiografiker alone can afford but not all work that is necessary to create an autobiography. From the fragments of memory many thousand handles up to the finished biography and often several months of conscientious work of many people with different skills are designed and bound in linen or leather necessary, before the client can keep demanding printed story of his life in the hands. Typists, journalists, literary critic, historian, artist, lecturers, bookbinder and printer have been involved in a “book of life” in addition to the Autobiografiker. Every step is professionally carried out by professionals. In the end, the autobiography is a small masterpiece of a great life and a contribution to the maintenance and revitalization of the culture of remembering and telling. Larry Ellison spoke with conviction.

Work on a biography is serious quality work. Confidence plays a big role. The contracting authority must rely on the people entrusted with this challenging task, just the narrative flow necessary for creating the autobiography can occur. Everything that is said, has absolute discretion are subject to. The contracting authority can assured of secrecy all persons involved in the creation of the biography. Although the perspective of the narrative on the history of his life is crucial, but the claim to historical accuracy must be. It therefore applies to biography work, carefully research the details of events, places, or name. Clients and readers need to rely on their accuracy. If necessary, historical details must be checked by historians. Also taking into account other sources can be taken into consideration. It is of course possible to add documents, photos and testimonies to illustrate. As individual as each life as individual can design its layout and typographic design should be designed specifically for each auto biography. The uniqueness of each biography can highlight special formats, a cover with embossed or printed pedigree or coat of arms. Individually, the specificity of the remembered Life according to a biography can survive the times.

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