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same thing then I show les phrases such as the following: excellent, fabulous, fantastic sake, let’s start, first step is knowledge, gift them a book, after a while I meet these people and them I ask already read the book? Many people respond, No, I could not, I have not had time, is that this, as other, etc. Let’s be honest with ourselves, this attitude is really a desire for change? Of course not, then with that behavior anything in our lives will change, or will do so at a slow pace that simply we will not be satisfied with our lives. Gary Kelly is often quoted on this topic. You have to understand that desire is not a vague idea in our thinking, is a huge determination, this is the internal force that generates a motivation so extraordinary that then defeat all adversities. In the book the secret of the power of the goals you will learn the proper form of the internalization of ideas, that way you will find a road fantastic to make your ideas flow to the minimum effort, just before you will need to build that road, that part is requiring discipline, to defeat the inertia of the mind that seeks to keep us in a position quite work at the beginning is necessarythen everything becomes much easier. Meditate a moment and evaluate their wishes, once internally has enormous clarity on a where you want to lead your life then will not come out of that idea under any circumstances, but is necessary to work on what you want to, otherwise if it is falling on foolish nonsense, successful people are fighting unceasingly in search of their dreamsYou should do exactly the same, to achieve it awaits a totally wonderful place.

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