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Prices for hard drives remain still high cause the recent flooding in Thailand, that computer manufacturers increasingly stock up on the gray market with hard drives. Because the flood disaster has resulted in October and November of this year a fall in production, which currently supply bottlenecks for hard disk drives are. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ron O’Hanley. As a result their prices have risen significantly – a problem that try to bypass computer manufacturer on the grey market. Stellar data recovery considers this a worrying development. A development that has resulted in, that there are many products, PCs, laptops, or servers of the lower price range might lead to loss of quality. “We keep the impact of this development in the course of our business right in the eye and watch any increase in the number of”grey”disks”, says Kees Jan Meerman by stellar data recovery ( have the floods in Thailand all markets, including the market for hard drives, dealt a heavy blow.

Factories were closed and production of hard drives has been partially set over several weeks. This is when a demand is unchanged. As a result the prices of hard drives have risen sharply and it is not likely that it comes in the next few months to a price decline. The currently still available disks are reserved high-end products, i.e. products that are destined for a zahlungskraftigeres customer segment. The number of currently available drives of good quality not sufficient however by far, to serve the entire market.

An alarming development of the lack of good quality drives has resulted in that computer manufacturers are trying to obtain the required products in other markets, and other channels. There are the grey market might look as an attractive and simple alternative. Stellar data recovery observed this alarming trend with a watchful eye. This for the simple reason, because hard drives from grey market sources the likelihood of malfunctions higher Data recovery. Stellar has a total of five solutions for data recovery for all kinds of data loss on sale and is internationally one of the five largest companies in this sector.

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