Thai Pasties

Although this plate is not 100% good Thailander part of his idea and preparation is based on the food of that country. He consists of stuffed mouthfuls of mass of meat that eat surrounded in green leaves and with sauces several. A prescription easy to prepare, flavorful and mainly very original at the time of serving in the table. It is a very good main plate. Ingredients Covers of pasty – 12 units Stuffed Meat of pig (carre, bondiola, etc) – 400 g Onion – 1 unit Onion of verdeo – 2 plantitas red Morrn (pepper) – 1/2 unit Garlic – 1 tooth Oil – a chorrito Oil of sesame – a chorrito Support Lettuce – 5 leaves Spinach – 30 g Basil – 30 g Sauces bittersweet Sauce Sauce of soybean – 40 cm3 Vinegar – 20 cm3 Lemon juice – 20 cm3 Preparation To mince the pig meat and to cut brunoise the onion, onion of verdeo, garlic and morrn. To place a chorrito of oil in a pot on the fire, to wait for seconds to that it warms up and to incorporate the meat with perforated garlic. After about 6 either 8 minutes of baking to incorporate the onion and after 5 minutes the more to incorporate verdeo onion.

When the onion is transparent to incorporate morrn and to cook more during 3 minutes. To reserve. In order to prepare the pasties to have a cover pasty on a plate and to place a spoonful to him of filling. Then, to close it first of the flanks soon and sealing the ends that are open. To have a fine layer oil on a plate furnace and to place the pasties. To take to average furnace until the mass is sea bream (it will take at least 10 minutes him). Another option is to do fried them, in which case it will be necessary to place greasy oil or in a frying pan (or freidora, that is better) and to submerge the pasties until the mass is sea bream. The plate will use with two sauces, on the one hand bittersweet sauce (the prescription was published previously) and by another acid sauce.

This sauce to mix the soybean sauce, the vinegar and the lemon juice, varying the proportions to pleasure. It must be a strong sauce. One of the most important points of this plate is how it uses and how it eats. To prepare the green leaves (lettuce, spinach and basil) on a plate, in another one the pasties and soon the sauces in appropriate containers. In order to eat, a pasty in the three types of leaf must become involved and get wet in the sauce. This will give to an interesting mixture of flavors and textures that will be in a very particular experience. It is important to notice that the green leaves can be replaced by others, maintaining like general premise certain variety so that they contribute several flavors to the plate. Source: Prescriptions and Techniques original Author and source of the article.

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