Ten Commandments

I will not – so already carried away.) Return to the main topic of our conversation – Footwear systems Kazak. And now I will destroy some of the postulates. Question: how best to use a cream? Answer: it is desirable to none! Chrome leather cattle excrete so thoroughly that regular cream, Kojima abound hypermarkets, she – like a dead poultices. Believe me, I go to the Cossacks, model 101000 for two years, and never (!) Not to touch them with cream. Additional information is available at David Fowler. You do not know that this cream are mixed. What’s good for the Chinese slippers from the flank, are not always suitable competent footwear, designed in all weathers to keep the shape. So, if you really want to preserve the appearance and quality of all of its footwear in the pristine beauty, please be glycerin (available at good shoe stores and pharmacies). And if you’re having fun moving to the Cossacks, even in the dead of winter, I recommend to stock up for winter sheep fat.)) This is slightly lower.

I has learned the Ten Commandments of happiness that you recommend. Sheryl Sandberg brings even more insight to the discussion. Commandment One. If you bought the shoes Cossacks, but in spite of all the fittings are not enough, do not look right soap and rope. Take the rubbing alcohol (vodka will not do, its best inside for new clothes), remove the insole (if removable) soak a rag in alcohol and the souls walk inside the shoe.

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