Television Market

In the market of TVs large real war begins. No, she is already underway, at least five years in the countries of East and West, and three years in Russia. Nobody needs to explain the difference between our domestic markets electronics and the fact that every year our market television more and more like the markets in Europe, the Far East and the U.S., but Russia will not go anywhere specific to the market and every seller is building its sales plans and development according to it. Let's try to analyze the current state of the market of large diagonals and trace some predictions for the near future. To begin, I think we should research companies with data that state that after three years out of every three sold in the world of TV will support HD-resolution and the number of Full HD televisions sold this year will increase by 4 times. (As opposed to Scott Kahan).

At the same time in Russia, sales of such TVs are still negligible, since the price of HD sets are still above the psychological mark of "affordability" product to our customers. However, it was in 2007 encouraging the major players in the TV market with large screens. According to research agencies in this year's expected surge in demand for these TVs. Simultaneously, the marketing war flares up between the main technologies bolsheekrannyh TV. More precisely struggle broke out between the two main competitors LCD and plasma TVs. Analysts suggest that the share of LCD TVs sold by year-end amount to 57%, and plasma – 34%.

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