Technology And The Evolution Of Humanity

Scary thought, but it is logical. To date, computers, robots, cyborgs, industrial automation, software – all this is so clever that even exaggerate the capabilities of many people. Today, robots can easily produce robots. Completely without human intervention. Ie such a fantastic idea that we do not need robots – already a reality. They can easily do without us. And – self-learning, self developing. Now imagine, actually.

Robot – which is indifferent ecology of the planet. And he can go without food. People in turn – so can not. Ie robot – is more viable. And the same way.

Man existing – degrades the environment Wednesday – irrational use of natural resources. Even the fact that he breathes. The robot, in turn – no. Ie robot – is less harmful to nature than man. If we extrapolate (continue) this idea. People over time – will die out as weakest form, compared with the robots. Already there is some vibration in the back of the brain. Robots – this kind? A new species? A new race? Extrapolate (keep) more. Robots, such as they developed were not – do not have – consciousness, self-awareness itself. But if they continue to develop – they will come to such things – as an attempt to make sense and meaning. Sense of self, sense of existence. By the time humanity (even if use of cyber technology for artificial organs) have already – become extinct. Even more – all traces of the natural arrival of humanity in ruins. Of course, much will remain, but that is inherent to man – will disappear under layers of earth and minerals. The time will come when robots / cyborgs reached the stage of development of consciousness. Will look for meaning in life. They will run across the artifacts left by humans. Understand who created them K such an inference, that 'God created the image and likeness'

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