A great gift to parents baby will be technically "helpers". And who no matter how Dad will understand all the complexities of modern technology! Heater-steriliser bottles, baby monitor handy, and mom and dad and all those who will remain with the crumbs in the absence of parents. Such things are often perceived as unnecessary innovations, and parents refuse the purchase. Without them, you can really live. However, donated by a miracle technology, they will be pleased and then again and again: because these things make it easier to care for child and, therefore, leave more time to communicate with him. I will open a "non-secret": sometimes it is better to give one big gift "from all friends, than a lot of small ones.

Talk to common friends, and "young" grandmothers, grandfathers, may you present your child and his parents of a child's room? Naturally, crib, changing table and other "furniture" better to buy gifts or in the presence of young parents, or prior consultation with them. But then you can be sure that donated something not on "one day". By the same room the kid – a kind of constructor that the young father will certainly be interesting to collect! If you want to give a present less ambitious but no less useful, then in a box with a big bow, place a couple of mini-gifts. The first of these will, of course, toys. Bright rattles and "Carousel" in the crib will kid's life fun, but a huge teddy bear is now unlikely to be appreciated. MasterClass Founder helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

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