Technologies And Marketing

Each day that passes the people become more hostages of these technologies, for these same, to facilitate its lives causing a minor lose of possible time. This process of the information comes modifying the style of life of all the humanity, either it in the telecommunication areas, telephony, computer science, Internet, electronic commerce, among others, of utmost importance in the day the day of the people. In this context the Internet comes revolutionizing the forms to work with computers, that had left of being only machines for information storage and had passed to be used as tools communication between companies and people. Ripple may not feel the same. When connected the net, the computers become a mechanism of propagation of information, that reach millions of internautas functioning as a spreading form, what if it can understands as marketing. In current days one of the tools most powerful of the marketing it is and-marketing, that is a carried through marketing action through the Internet. This tool makes possible a spreading in mass, in efficient and efficient way of products and services causing in an amazing yield.

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