Technological Advances

Although the technological advance, the concern nowadays is with the quality of attendance and the diversification in the services offered to the guests. The human element still is essential in the hoteleiras companies. The person who gives the service is who determines, to a large extent, the way for which she perceives it to the customer. In the hoteleiros services, they are who make to the difference and occupy prominence place. In reason of this the employees must be trained and qualified on the basis of focadas modern techniques of attendance in would hotelaria. The sector of guest service then becomes a tool to surpass the expectations of its guests, to narrow the relationship between employees and customers and to increase the level of perception of the necessities of each customer to surprise them, thus creating an image of excellency in hoteleiro attendance. This tool generates an important cultural change in the collaborators, therefore they feel for the detention of request and solution of problems responsible, giving feedback of the degree of satisfaction of the customer.

So that this occurs to the contribution of the area is determinative for the organizations that work with rendering of services. Thus creating, a differential before the work market and using as an instrument of management of relationship with the customer. On the basis of this, expects through the application of the actions, the evolution and qualification in the attendance of the guests. Therefore the attributions of the sector of guest service has for objective, to primar for a better attendance, to conceive the idea of that the guest is most important.

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