Team In Medias, Will Meet Magento Platinum Sponsor

In November of that year, the “meet Magento” will take place for the fourth time. In November of that year, the “meet Magento” will take place for the fourth time. The focus of this two-day event is the open source shop system Magento. The agency specializes in Magento team in medias, will be the event as a Platinum Sponsor supported. The open source shop system Magento has sound turned the system landscape in Germany. For two years, the system ensures a sensation – it waits with functions, which were to be found only in expensive payment systems.

The American Varien has recently renamed itself in Magento Inc. stands behind Magento. The company has received again 28 million US dollar venture capital several months ago, so that is to be expected in the future with a very dynamic development of the open source shop system Magento. The Leipzig Internetagentur Netresearch and the Magento Community Manager Rico Neitzel organize now for the fourth time the “meet Magento”, with the Magento programmer, Magento agencies, but also interested shop operator and meet also representative of the company of Varien (today Magento Inc.). In addition to exciting presentations to a variety of E-Commerce topics are of course the exchange of ideas and the come together of the parties involved in the foreground. The team in medias GmbH, Aachen / Hamburg will support the event in November as a Platinum sponsor. Magento pioneered the company has supported the meet Magento now for the third time in succession as a sponsor. As one of the first ever team in medias, raised a Magento-based shop life. Already twice, shops from the House have been awarded team in medias the shop usability award.

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