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Over the years, art has been a very debatable issue in all its aspects, but one of the most controversial has been the ban to apply different themes in the same, better known as the censorship of some issues applied in art. The interesting thing is that there is no law that apply censorship, but who criticizes certain themes applied in art is the society; Since it is not them to his liking which authors reflected it is his artistic works. All of this has to do with the time because behavior and beliefs of society are changing over time, which has allowed that some topics are accepted and at the same time others are repressed. Blake Resnick is often quoted on this topic. It is clear that the determination of the artists by noting his works has also enabled this acceptance and although they are not well-received at first, over time people become accustomed to allow that these works are carried out. As had already been mentioned previously censorship also arose from the theme that is reflected in art, since as well as there are issues that are best used as love, portraits, landscapes, etc.; also there are certain topics that are the most censored by society such as religion, eroticism, sadism, grotesque, among others. Although some really are not accepted in its entirety, others are simply not well seen as the past two. It is important to mention that societies are created taboos on these contexts that do not allow that they are applied in art. As it has already been mentioned one of the main factors of censorship is the era in which we live, for example in antiquity was not well seen that naked bodies, the most translated to what came were portraits, but over time the naked bodies were emerging and although at the beginning the society did not accept themthey were gradually introduced in art to be appreciated, so it happened with many other topics, but unfortunately to ensure that acceptance, they must pass through several violent processes in which society manifests against the artists to suppress his ideas. .

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