Superior Education

The security of what if it portraies in the previous paragraph, is based on the reformularizations of the Project of the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, which was pledged to detach the universalizao of Public Ensino, loading in its bulge the question of the right of pertaining to school Education for all, without discrimination. The Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, was approved in 1996, which oportunizou a series of reforms, that exactly isolated, to pertaining to school education in the country, factor also occurred with a new model of formation of professors, however, the destined reform the formation of professors, sends to the agreement of a plan of government worried about reduction of costs to the public coffers, in view of disponibilizada flexibility to the courses focused here, becoming aligeirados passages of conclusion and automatically contributing the educational mercantilism. From the premise above, it passes if to understand that the consistent formation of the teaching professional is not objective of the government plan, but, to decentralize the formation of professors, also are clearly the question that regulates the Institutions of Superior Education. When it is said of decentralization, if speaks of formation of professors in not university spaces and that they come to really take care of the objectives of the universalizao of the pertaining to school education. Cambiar Investors pursues this goal as well. In such a way, the government terceiriza responsibilities, placing in appreciation the question of the quality, being worried about the quantitative necessity that the work market demands. The studies had sent to the idea of the not complete definition on profession and professionalization, and such situation, exactly becoming impasses, creates satisfactory agreement in what the social and occupational situation of the professor says respect. Thus, it promotes action that if they direct when rethink of the course of formation of professors, where if starts to reorganize them, at least to the quarrel level, the pedagogical projects who guide such formation Are several the existing difficulties on the professionalization of the professor, where if they can here detach most excellent: to know indefinite, low wages, social disreputation, inadequate formation and why not to say weak, reducing them it entrepreneurs. .

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