Sunburn Despite Sun Protection

Applying moisturizer with sunscreen not less, may cause even more sunburns. For many years, there are always well documented studies, which show that the proportion which is melanoma-related diseases in people with regular sunscreen use equal or even higher proves a just released study that actually wants to demonstrate the dangers of tanning beds, when Sun rings rather “accidentally” the Melanoma-inducing effect rigorous Sonnencremens. Wrong applying lotion and false sense of security are blamed as a rule. Applying moisturizer with sunscreen not less, may cause even more sunburns. This proof of a study of the Danish Cancer Society is now, 3,499 participants at the age of 15 59 years after their behaviour in the Sun after the questioned use of sunscreen, and according to the number of sunburns. If you would like to know more about Gary Kelly, then click here. On average the respondents, 35 percent had in the past 12 months suffered at least a sunburn.

The ratio was the younger more than four times as high as in the elderly. But more surprising: The the sunburns ratio in the Group of sunscreen users higher than in the Group of non-users. Those who deliberately took a sunbath, occurred with or without sunscreen equally often a sunburn. Those who by chance stayed in the Sun, there was often a sunburn in the Group of the sunscreen user than in the Group of non-users. Two-thirds of respondents who reported the presence of a sunburn had rubbed himself with Sonnenscreme, to extend the equity protection time for staying at the Sun accordingly a miscalculation, as it turned out.

The study underlines that drastically, as often and especially unpredictable the Sun outdoors can lead to sunburn and associated skin damage in contrast to controlled Sun and before tanning in the (quality) Sun Studio. Even the most dedicated critics of solarium should at upcoming campaigns with their remarks on the saving sunscreens be more careful. Because publicized cream anytime, anywhere not only lead to false expectations, incorrect behavior and thereby to fatal consequences such as burns and skin damage, but prevents also the formation of vital vitamin D in the skin. In addition, that sunscreens containing even dangerous substances, which in turn promote (skin) cancer, is again in test reports been documented (most recently in the magazine okoTest may 2010). The U.S. consumer organization environmental working group (EWG) has examined 500 Sun protection products for banned substances and only 39, so a full 8%, classified as safe. The report can be downloaded here: 2010sunscreen

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