Successful Marketing

“The free checking account is changing requirements and potential target groups now open and save 50 euros starting credit” so currently advertises the Commerzbank in the Internet on their homepage and specifically addressed individuals. Consumers with ads of this type also by banks is daily and financial service providers faced across all promotional channels. “From this an advertisement, several trends in the market are already evident: on one hand the private financial services sector is very courted, on the other hand, many providers by price dumping try” to acquire new customers. Nowadays different distribution channels – such as in the example above also play the Internet – an increasingly important role in addition to the traditional Office. Specifically for cooperative banks, the expansion of market shares will therefore increasingly difficult.

But not only the increasing price pressure makes establishing the cooperative banks, and the increasing number of competitors plays an important role. In addition to banks are also struggling free financial and external companies for market share. Thus, the requirements for an effective marketing are getting bigger to act as a cooperative bank continues to successfully on the market. This book examines selected marketing instruments in relation to cooperative banks, changes in requirements set out, and clarifies requirements for a future success in Bank marketing. The description of any interesting target groups for the strategic marketing completes this work.

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