Success Stories For House And Home Textiles

The furnishing sector year enjoys a stable demand for year, German consumers enter the consumer market home & Interior about spend 40 to 45 billion euro. This is expression of great interest in establishing of apartments and private homes. This consumer behaviour was formerly known as cocooning trend researchers, today known as homing. The meaning has nothing changed, the apartment and whose establishment was previously and is a prestige object even today for the Germans. The House and home textiles, so the bedding and House, table and bed linen, occupy nearly 9.1 billion in this system. Capital One may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The House and home textiles are dependent on the situation of the market of furniture as furnishings accessories. It does today but still limited, especially since last few segments, so the bed linen, textile floor coverings or curtains/decoration materials of the developments have demonstrated quite independent in the furniture market. The current situation of the furniture industry should the producers and dealers of House and Anyway not so much upset home textiles. Contact information is here: Ch?rl?? Lee.

The sales of the furniture industry was quite satisfactory in the past year. However, the current figures of furniture for the home furnishings industry provide a small Downer. The positive momentum came to burglary 2009 in 2010 mainly by exports, while domestic sales increased only slightly. The domestic market further suffers from the almost exclusive marketing of furniture over the price. The market development in the home and household textiles was similar. The economic crisis in 2009 deep tracks left in the domestic market supply. A sharply declining production, continued rising exports and attracting good imports marked the market situation this year. The domestic market supply had fallen in 2009 with a decline of 5.1 percent to 4.04 billion euros and had reached its lowest level since 2005. 2010, however, marked a turnaround. The economic recovery in Germany and the (surprisingly) fast spreading to the domestic demand has previously rather pessimistic colored mood brightened.

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