Strength Training For Hands

Simulator "Bizon-1 'was designed by Nicholas Sotsky Belarusian scientists in 1992. "Bison-1" – a device class' gym in the portfolio. " This is the first new generation simulator, a software load at the same time several degrees of freedom. When using it, effective training can be provided with a variety of movements engaged. During the exercises at the same time involved in the work up to 30 muscles, and the total number of possible exercise exceeds 100 000. Simulator Sotk "Bison-1" is designed to train the muscles in the arms and shoulders while simultaneously efficient loading of the cardiovascular system. The advantage in using it is training of muscles in a more natural environment than conventional devices, the application which load is most often provided by a dedicated movement (one degree of freedom). In the latter case trajectory is rigidly set simulator design, rather than natural strains of muscles, which, in turn, greatly reduces the effectiveness of training.

In our simulator is embodied as the original approach of using friction to create a training load. As a result, the original engineering was largely eliminate lag device (its mass is about 1.5 kg) at maintaining a wide range of loads, the resistance of the amplitude and velocity, as well as managed to ensure the effective dissipation of energy circulating in the exercise. Simulator Sotk "Bison-1" is used for strength training, strength endurance arms and shoulder girdle in many sports (about 20). This – the various martial arts (wrestling, boxing, karate, etc.), armwrestling, weightlifting, playing sports (tennis, volleyball, hockey, basketball, handball, baseball), gymnastics, throwing in athletics, archery, sailing, etc. The device is effectively used in the preparation of specific activities (spetsvoyska, security guards, bodyguards, etc.) during physical education classes in schools, universities, groups, aerobics, fitness, etc. Good results are obtained by using the simulator to rehabilitation after injuries of the musculoskeletal system and some diseases. Small size and weight of 'Buffalo', the possibility of smooth adjustment of the load over a wide range allow its use in individual lessons at home, at work, on a business trip or vacation. In fact "Bison-1" – this is your gym in the portfolio, which can always be at hand.

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