Street Mystery

We classify definitive functions and action of the Law Biggest as active functions, therefore its measures are energetic and the manifestadores of this quality are executors of this function. We classify definitive functions and action of the Law Biggest as Passive functions, when its measures are preventive, and for bigger understanding we only go to give an example, then let us see: When an Officer of Justice delivers a summon to it to appear to the definitive judicial agency, this is a writ of prevention of the Law being its passive action, to put when this writ of prevention does not occasion effect, then it comes the measure or active action and more energetic, where the individual in question is looked by executors of the Law (policemen) that it carries through the action To pull out the person of where it will be so that she is fulfilled what she was established and the order is kept. Both, as much the Officer how much the Policemen, are serving the State and the Law, to put the Officer of Justice to serves of passive form and the policeman to serves of active form. Everything this was elucidated so that let us can finally explain that the Crossbar-Street Mystery is a Mystery or on Function to the Mystery Biggest Trancador, That in turn this on one to the Mystery Biggest of the Law, that it aims at to keep in balance, order and harmony the life in all its aspects so that all can evolve in peace. Click Endeavour Capital to learn more. The Crossbar-Street Mystery is a Mystery Cosmic, considered negative, because its accomplishment or only forms of if to carry through active, in agreement already is explained lines above. This mystery is conducted by 5 Irradiation of God who is the Law Biggest whose Regent and manifestadora Deity are Ogum. If the factor or primordial quality of the Law is the Order, so that the same one is kept is necessary other on attributes to this factor collator. .

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