Strategic Plan

If you still do not know what I’m telling you: it is essential in a business (and a study of architecture is or not?) know where we are, to where I want to get short, medium and long term, with technical, human and economic means story and what marketing strategies I will implement to achieve these goals. Let’s see the steps necessary to carry out a strategic plan and marketing: ACTUAL1.1 situation analysis analysis D.A.F.O: weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities with respect to direction services offered, market, staff and other Recursos.1.2 selection criteria for studies by private clients. OBJETIVOS2.1 definition and quantification Requisitos2.2: annual, Strategic Plan (3 years) and segmentation by type of clientes.2.3 follow-up of objectives ESTRATEGIAS3.1 Servicios3.2 markets / clients objetivo3.3 diferenciacion3.4 communication topology. Imagen3.5 price PLAN of accion4.1 services: extend the range or specializing?, did improve the technical quality, the service offered or both? 4.2 Markets / clients objectives commercial Area customer Control of possible orders 4.3 competition analysis tab differentiation services prices image other 4.4 assignment for each action Reponsable deadlines budgets, resources 4.5 monitoring of every action corrective measures if not taken the measures envisaged drafting MARKETING PLAN by the entire study (objectives, strategies, and action plan) review and improvement where appropriate proposals by the rapporteur. We will discuss here from 3 types of Marketing plans, among the possible to be carried out by studies / proprietorships or small companies, related to architecture and construction, extracted from the book of Marketing for architects of Corian: El Plan de contacts. The Plan liabilities. The active Plan.

1. The Plan of contacts this is not a method. It is basic and historically, the way in which the majority of the construction professionals got and get the most of the commissions for work. It is the way in which 90% of independent professionals and SMEs expect to solve its economy: present and future.

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