Stock Exchange

Metal market is telling us that early in the year cost of the metal had increased markedly. Copper sold best in the markets of other metals, a noticeable lag. However, racing metal value is definitely arose not due to increased sales, but the following factors: – the purchase by China of derivatives of the metal to the store of the country. But despite the country's leadership in different parts of China, buy yourself metals stocks – availability signs of this recovery and the financial components of the economy, a good finance statistics States and Europe, the rise of all fixed assets of countries. From open sources, the Bureau of the state reserve buys metals are not publicly, the market learns about the transactions after they are completed.

Metal Moscow usually not buying a large consignment. To assume the appearance of another State Reserve on the market is difficult even to predict prices and suppliers. Oracle gathered all the information. But as a rule, the expectation procurement is supporting prices. In this case, the purchase of state reserves of the metal does not mean growth in real demand, the volume of moving from one warehouse to another. However, the real price of metal increases, which will make major suppliers to reduce and stop the duplicate delivery of the metal. We have to think that the current value limit will be overcome, the main government contracting gone and what remains? Surplus production unclaimed or domestic or international markets. Might happen next fall. Metal markets in Asia, a slight activity in the west – the silence. Stocks are virtually almost all metal resources on the Stock Exchange earlier this year declined, but they remain substantial. There are representatives of the market, which buy all the small prices and increase the capacity of the metal at home, hoping to jump in metals prices and metal-on a par with economic growth.

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