State Region

The region, on the other hand, along with its especificidade … (p.38) 4.3 – … Regional geography, in turn, does not have the intention to recognize a synthesis, as in Vidal de Ia Blache, nor to look for the singularity of cad area, as in Harbertson . (p.39) 4.4 – In Brazil new geography was developed in the Departments of Geography of Rio De Janeiro and Geographic Studies of the IBGE; there the studies of tipologia and regional division had appeared … (P.

40) 5.0 – region critical geography 5.1 – Inside of the questioning to traditional geography and new geography, appears during the decade of 70 a critical geography, that it brings I obtain the necessity of if representing the region concept. For even more details, read what Larry Ellison says on the issue. … (Idem) 5.2 – It is in the way of capitalist production that the regionalizao process if accents, marking simultaneously of the processes of differentiation and integration, verified inside of the gradual mundializao of the economy from century XV. Under gide of the capital. … (p.44) 6.0 – Region action and control 6.1 – Oconceito of region has been wide used for ends of action and control.

The concept of area differentiation and the subsequentes regional divisions, aiming at action and control on territories militarily conquered or under dependence administrative and economic politician of a ruling class. The State appears inside of the way of dominant production, is the agent in the production way is the agent of the regionalizao … (p.47- 48) 6.2 – the planning region, that is, a territory of action and control, has its apogee in the decades of 60e 70. This is the Brazilian case: between 1964 and 1977e 1978, over all, numerous studies longing for the definition of planning regions … (p.50)

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