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Mobile warehouse of hazardous substances offer completely new possibilities to flexibly provide storage capacity in almost every manufacturing or craft to make operating hazardous materials be used. A fabric is inflammable, corrosive or poisonous, so represents a potential danger to personnel and the environment Special precaution must be taken within the framework of the hazardous material storage to safely and legally compliant storage of these dangerous substances. In the field of dangerous goods bearing technology, therefore years numerous products established itself, started in small containers drip trays catch trays up to fixed hazardous materials depots for a storage of hazardous materials. Must but flexible storage capacity for hazardous substances be created, established the hazardous materials storage products quickly reach the limits. Therefore, mobile hazardous materials depots are a real asset in the field of hazardous material storage technology and hazardous material storage. The biohazard boxes are portable and can be moved by forklift very easily and flexibly. So can the hazardous material containers not only within a Transport company, but storage capacity can be created with the hazardous materials boxes GoStore-box type, such as flexible for hazardous substances. Construction provide a perfect location for the hazardous material warehouse.

Also in filled State, a safe transport of dangerous goods with the mobile hazardous material storage is not a problem. On the one hand, they have numerous cargo security measures (LSi) for the contained hazardous substances. In the hazardous material warehouse fixed allow securing the substances of different dangerous goods classes certainly over further distances us be. In addition to the integrated securing the mobile hazardous materials depots have more safeguards. So for example optional fire extinguishing systems are available, which can be integrated in the HAZMAT warehouse and quickly remedy the situation so even in case of fire. Whether CO2, powder or foam extinguisher – according to the hazardous materials to be transported the moving hazardous material storage can be equipped appropriately. To which to meet individual needs of each company, the mobile HAZMAT Depot GoStore box in many different sizes and dimensions type are available, so that the appropriate hazardous material storage technology can be found for every situation.

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