Stage Training

Fotochtenie. Stage of 'Preparing' So. It was unbearable yet another record to do because'll start writing more about one of the most important stage – Preview. Preview is to identify the objectives of the reading book. Typically, as we all read? Open, read from cover to cover, close. But I'm not going to surprise anybody saying that turning the page, we've almost forgotten what was on the previous one.

This is natural because we finally taught parents, kindergarten, school But the definition of goals saves you time! Least! 3 times (this is for beginners). Reading with a purpose, we act on the famous rule of '20 / 80 ', where 20 per cent – a useful material, 80 -' water '. Because, as before start reading, make sure that this is the book you need and that you have an idea of what you'll do with it. Once we have a goal we are starting to stage 'preview'. What does this mean: we look at the structure of the book as everything is built, as the author presents us with material. This is what we are doing to be 'ready'.

If you have a goal, but still you are not sure exactly what you want to learn from this book: write a word triggers. What is it? You choose, say, 15 words from a randomly throughout the book and you can ask questions on them that must dock with your purpose. This is key! At this is most beginners and drown – they ask questions not related to the purpose and because they have nothing. So, after you've written down the trigger and discharged the questions that interest you (in accordance with your goals, do not forget), proceed to the stage: 'Go in Alpha-state '. But more about that next time) ps Stages is actually smaller in theory, but I describe everything in detail.

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