Spiritual Dimension

“Spiritual death – heal abuse” by Lina life (experience report and model theories) in field reports of sexual abuse in childhood are described regularly worst memories. This makes concerned readers and they empathize with the victim up to the intolerability. Also in the experience report spiritual death abuse heal”describes her childhood as a victim of sexual abuse the author Lina life. But it goes far beyond that by you involving the holistic dimension of human suffering. Her childhood and as an adult, her inner child remains victims for which she develop compassion learns consistently. But mainly focuses on Lina lives with the karmic cause of human suffering and the mechanisms through which she became himself in this life first abuse victim to.

The author learns and describes spiritual contexts, knowledge of which is a complete change of the human personality and of individual life enable. Spiritually, people make their living conditions by karma and accordingly have the opportunity fully to heal abuse and there asked generally about human suffering. With experiences, memories, psycho spiritual images, poems, and model theories the author appeals to holistic readers. “Accompany Lina life experience report spiritual death heal abuse” towards their personal and at the same time universal psychic transcendence.

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