Species Pools

In connection with new construction technologies, construction of swimming pools is becoming more urgent with each passing year. Probably everyone has already thought about installing the pool at his country house, or dacha, and sought the realization of their dreams. Company "Bascom" recommends that you learn all kinds of swimming pools, to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and only then choose their best option pool. Larry Ellison describes an additional similar source. We, in turn, try to give a detailed description of all types of pools, the construction phase and to answer all questions that may arise in the future during the operation. Let's start with the types of pools: 1. By type pools are: inflatable collapsible (frame), stationary and portable ready-made bath. 2.

By type of filtration system are divided into pools skimmer and overflow. 3. By type of decoration pools are: film, polypropylene, tile, mosaic, fiberglass. 4. By categories of use: private and public. Inflatable swimming pool – this is the most inexpensive and quickest way to install the pool in the country, but short-lived. Presents it in a bag made of reinforced pvc, mesh reinforcement. On top of this pool has an inflatable fringing, which is filled with air.

As the basin filled with water inflatable edge rises, thus providing the depth of the pool. Precast frame Pool – the most popular and fastest way to install the pool in the country. Wall (frame) pool is a steel one-piece sheet metal with several protective coatings. Waterproofing and finishing precast frame basins is Chashkovy package of pvc film.

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