Special Equipment Trailers For Carriage Cylinder

Dvenadtsatiosny transporter carrying capacity 120t. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. may help you with your research. Designed for cargo dlyanoy to 32 m and height up to 4,3 m. It consists of two four-platform terminal capacity 60t. Each four-axle and the intermediate platform, connected between a coupler with short shank absorb without aids. In the enclosures are lockable autohitches nye bolts to prevent samorastsepa platforms laden conveyor. Intermediate platform serves to increase the length of the conveyor for transport of goods over a length of 24 m. At the end platforms having a drop in the middle of the load-bearing frame mounted rotary turnstiles for stacking and securing cargo.

One of the turnstiles has the possibility of some movement along the carriage to prevent displacement of the load relative to the turnstiles during the action of the longitudinal inertia forces and the best fitting to curves. In the middle of the frame end platforms welded brackets, which are installed hydraulic jacks support, turnstiles, designed to lift cargo. The management of these jacks at each frame uses two hydraulic pumps with manual drive. Carrying long loads cylindrical carried on the conveyor capacity 480t. Consisting of two connected coupler sections. If necessary, each of them (shestnadtsatiosnaya 240t capacity.) can be used independently. Containers of this carrier 211t., The length over coupler pulling faces 62 760m. If necessary, shippers can equip transporters additional sheets beams and other devices. Prohibited goods and welded parts attached to the conveyor, drill, shoot gibrodomkraty, gibronasosy, connecting earrings, cross beams, through bolts and other details of which are accessory belt. During Carriage lengthy cargoes trucks used freight trailers. According constructions and appointment their exists several types: – trailers and heavy-duty trailers – trailer units carrying capacity up to 1000 tons – the chassis and truck mount various equipment – pipe trucks – timber – flatbed trailers and tilts – semi-container ships – Roll-trailers, skeletal trailers

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